Get more customers by getting your website to the top of Google.

Photo of person googling on iPad: Can people find you on Google? (Or, do they find your competition first?)

Are you using Ottawa SEO techniques to help your small business website bring in more customers? Or, are you still mostly relying on word-of-mouth?

Look. You’re an entrepreneur. You started your small business because you love what you do, whether that’s being a mechanic, an optometrist, or a baker.

Or, maybe this is a side-hustle, and you have a website to promote your side hobbies and passions.

Chances are, you didn’t even realize that getting to the top of Google was a thing. You have a website, and you figured people will find you.

Let’s be honest. You do have a great product. So word of mouth will spread and your business will grow. Eventually.

But, what if there was a way to speed up this process? Get you more new customers, who become raving fans, who spread the word…

You do have a great product. Now it’s time to get you the traffic you deserve.

Google is kind of like the Olympics.

In the Olympics, we celebrate gold, silver, and bronze medalists… and then there’s the rest.

Check out this “heat map” of a Google Search result page. It shows where people look. Red spots are where the eyes are looking at the most. Notice how we look at the top left?

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