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This site is by teachers for teachers, small business owners, mommy bloggers, and anyone else wanting to create a site online. We’ve spent the last few years blogging in the classroom, and now we’re helping our colleagues (friends, family members, complete strangers, and random pets) to do the same.

We love WordPress. We think it’s powerful and we like how it’s grown over the past few years. So this site is about helping you to get the most out of WordPress for your blog, class website, or business store front.

Stay tuned.

We are not affiliated with Edublogs.org (aside from a common love for WordPress and the fact that they sell their code / themes so we’re using some of their plugins and themes ’round here.) Edublogs.org is a great starting point if you’re looking to create a class website or edublog. Here are some other options on how to make a blog / class website.

What’s an Edublog?

According to Wikipedia, an Edublog is “a kind of blog written by someone with a stake in education.” Basically it’s a website (or blog) made by students, teachers, or anyone else involved in education.

Our students are growing up in a digital world and teachers are integrating technology in their classrooms. Edublogs are quickly becoming a powerful way for teachers to engage with their students and school communities.

  • More and more teachers are getting online and creating class websites to communicate with parents and families.
  • Class websites and edublogs can become information resources for students at home. (Think: “I lost the handout”)
  • Edublogs don’t have to be one-way tools where the teacher talks and the students listen. You can create edublogs that invite two-way participation and dialogue. You can create social networking sites where students participate in literature circles, comment about the homework or assignment, etc.

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