6 Things you should know before you get a Small Business website

Where to start, where to start.

  • Option 1: I just want you to make my website. Let’s do this!
  • Option 2: There are a lot of flashy ads on youtube and Google about website builders. What do I need to know? (Keep on reading!)
  • Option 3: Wait… what was the question again?

I want to hire someone to make my website – Table of Contents:

6 Things to ask yourself before starting a small business website

  1. Why do you need a website? No, seriously.
  2. Do you really need a website? Or could you do all of this with social media?
  3. You’re going to have to pay to start your small business website. Are you going to pay in time, or money?
  4. Who is going to maintain your website and keep it running, especially when there are problems?

6 things to think about before you hire a web designer.

What experience do they have?

Can you see examples of sites they’ve designed? Do they have references from other small businesses like yours?

Where in the world is this web designer?

Are they in the same time zone? Can you speak with someone over the phone, or meet with them in person?

Is this a one-person operation, or do they have different departments specializing in different parts of the job?

You probably don’t want your

What exactly are you paying for, and what exactly do you get for that price? (Psst, what’s their hourly rate?)

Do you have the content and the images ready to go, or do you need someone to make that as well?

How many revisions do you get? What happens if the designer makes a mistake?

When will you get your finished small business website?

Who is hosting the website?