Stop your blog from commenting on itself (no self ping trackbacks)

link 5359581911_d07f15db17_zDid you WordPress lets you keep track of who is linking to your work?

When someone links to one of your WordPress posts, you’ll get an automatic comment on your post called a trackback. It’s kind of a cool way to see who is linking to your stuff.

(A better way to see who is linking to your site might be to do a Google search using the “link” operator. If you type in Google, you’ll see the webpages that link back to the search engine. Click here for more information about links to your site, including how to use Google Analytics to access referring sites.)

So, what’s the problem?

Well, if you link back to another post on your website, you get an instant comment on that post. This is called a self-ping. It’s funny the first few times, and then it just gets annoying because it clutters up your comments.

You can turn off the self pings with the free No Self Pings WordPress plugin. It hasn’t been updated in a few years, but it still works fine. Still works after all this time for me and these people as well.

Once you install this plugin, all of the comments and trackbacks you get on your site will be from other people. Nice.


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