What did you do Today at School?

You can add a caption here... or not. It's up to you! (Photo Credit: Woodleywonderworks

A class website / edublog is a great communication tool. You could write some posts about activities that you did in class or things that you’re going to do later in the week.

It’s easy to add photos to your post using WordPress. Just upload your photos when you’re typing your post and then you choose where they appear in your work and how large the images are. Heck, you can even add a caption underneath the photos if you like.

Panda Races (Photo Credit: woodleywonderworks)

WordPress lets you add a photo gallery as well which you can spice up with some WordPress plugins. We’ve used the Polaroid Gallery plugin on our WordPress gallery at the bottom of this post, but there are lots of other gallery plugins out there. (What’s a plugin anyway?) It all depends on how you want your class website / edublog to look.

As the author of a blog, you’ll need to make sure you have consent to publish photos of the kids. These example photos were found on the net. They’re published under a Creative Commons Attribution license. For more information about using photos from the internet in your work, you might want to read this post.

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